Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Gift from Cassie

Cassie sent me a gift last week. A REALLY cute Penguin! Really surprised me. I haven't even thanked her for it yet because of all the sadness we have all felt. But I do need to thank her. It was so sweet of her to think of me. However, I do have one complaint...the Penguin ate all the Grahams in the box! That's right, the box was empty...except for a very fat Penguin.
Thank You again, Cassie. What a good heart you have.


Emma Kruse said...

I guess I was the first to comment! Thanks for the comment. I sent the letter last night. Love you lots.


Emma Kruse said...

I spose I was the 2nd to comment... But I forgot to write.


The Goldman Family said...

My blog has moved Uncle John I love you

cassie loves penguins said...

Ooops here it is

cassie loves penguins said...

Twins blogs moved too