Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Birthday Poem

Just in case you missed it...on Vickie's blog. Bob is very clever and funny. Thought you might enjoy this.

To John:
Another year older,
Another year gone.
We all can remember,
A much younger John.

You used to jump fences,
You played basketball.
Now if you tried it,
you'd probably fall.

But remember and don't you forget
About the championship game
That we played on a bet
John won the title and Basketball fame
(yeah, I wrote this...not as good as Bob's, but true)

Your such a nice person,
I'm really in awe,
Happy Birthday to John,
A "Great Brother-in-law".

To Ellie:
Happy Birthday to Ellie,
You just turned thirteen.
You're one of the sweetest,
that I've ever seen.

Your name is so special,
It was well worth the wait.
To be named after Grandma,
The sweet "Grandma Great"

Happy Birthday Dear Ellie,
Keep up the great job.
Happy Birthday to Ellie,
From Lindsay and Bob.

December 30, 2008 7:22 PM


Vickie said...

Thanks John and it was a very cool comment. That is one smart brother we have...

Mercy Kruse said...

Hi Uncle John,

I hope you had a good birthday, those were cool poems that you posted, and how Uncle Bob wrote them. Hope you you have a good day.


Ginger said...

Nice poems Bob....but oh that rascal John for adding another verse...let the games begin "Grin".

The Goldman Family said...

Very glad you posted that...I did not see it yet! Uncle Bob is so funny, and good at those poems. Guess I better go read the original and see what it really said! HA
I love you

Grandma of Many said...

I noticed that new verse John! Pretty good! Well, I'm off to Hawaii - wish you were going but I guess Prescott will have to do. Love, Dottie

The Goldman Family said...

Hi Uncle John....a quick note to say, I love you So, you don't forget!!
Anyway, have an awesome day!!!

Emma Kruse said...

Hey Uncle John, thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I have a card for you but I haven't been able to send yet, also I wrote last tuesday, but I'm still going to send it, so it might say stuff that was happening last week. Love you lots,