Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a Bowler!!!!


Yep, Sheri came over to take pictures for her Photo Class, and afterwards, we took her bowling. Not only did she look good, she got strikes too. She had as many strikes as Ginger!


Vickie said...

Way to go Sheri Babe. That was fun watching you make that strike. Ginger and John I'm sure you were great also. I thought I was watching Tracie bowl lol lol...

Ginger said...

Yes..it was fun bowling. Sheri and I tried really hard but of course John beat us every game "Grin". Can't wait to do it again soon. We pick Joshua up today from school to play some tennis!!! Should be fun too!

The Goldman Family said...

How cool! Sheri is awesome! Well, you are so modest, Uncle John. Ginger let us all know you beat every game, congrats...that means your really good huh!
Is there any sport you are not good at? Oh, how about gymnastics? Skateboarding, or really hard, bingo! HA
Love you
Miss you A TON!

Grandma of Many said...

Thanks for the pictures of Sheri but where is her face? I only saw the back, ha! It sounds like you had lots of fun. Love, Dottie