Friday, May 8, 2009

Jennifer Creates a Pinata for Her Spanish Class

This is the beginning. She started out with gloves, but finally took them off as they were too bulky.
Making progress.

I guess it was just a little mistake, but she started putting the strips of paper on my face!

Here you can see everyone working.

It took Jenn 6 hours to put on all the covering.

Which one is Jenn? It's a bumble bee, by the way.


Ginger said...

Jennifer did an awesome job on her pinata bumble bee. Grandpa John forgot to put the picture on of him holding the string in his teeth for her "Grin". Great job Jennifer and it took so long to finish. I know you will get an awesome grade/points in your Spanish class for this project.

cassie loves penguins said...

Wow,that looks pretty fun.Those pic. are good.Yesterday I sent you a letter,it should be there soon.I miss you very much.

Love Cassie

Vickie said...

You looked like you were having fun Jennifer and even Grandpa John. It turned out really cute that Bumble Bee, don't let it sting me cause it hurts lol...

Steve and Tami Goldman said...

Very cute!! Looks like you had a lot of fun!