Sunday, March 22, 2009

See what I have to put up with?!!!!!

They(Emma) took my phone when I was up there and did all kinds of crazy stuff with it. This is the only picture where they look halfway cute! All the kids(and Tami!) are a lot of fun and I miss them.


Emma Kruse said...

I remember when we did that. It was such a long time ago, you visit more often! lol. Well... love ya.


Birthday Luv said...

OK wait a minute! If "this was the only one halfway cute" and I was in some....that means....BoooHOooo I am crying so hard!!! It was that ugly huh? You are so blunt..gee at least act like I am cute out of pity! HA I know you love me....I have a face only a mother (or a GREAT uncle John could love!)
We miss you too.
Love you tons!!!!

John said...

No, no, no Tami. You weren't in the pictures they took. You know, sometimes it not always just about you! LOL I just mention you as you are just as fun loving as the kids. And, I said halfway cute...what if I had said halfway ugly?! I don't even want to think what you would have said then!

Anyway, thanks for your funny comments. Always a joy and pleasure to hear what you will come up with next. Just like the kids. Love you.

PS. What do you mean "love you tons"? Are you saying I'm fat?!

Birthday Luv said... I love YOU tons...not I love YOUR tons!!! HA
Thanks for the confirmation on your love for me. I was so worried!!! Guess I will cancel that face lift.

John said...

Well, let's not do anything rash...maybe a facelift isn't such a bad idea! LOL

Grandma of Many said...

I don't know about you and Tami but I did enjoy the pic the girls took. We miss you - come back!!! Dottie

Anna Louise Goldman said...

I see what you have to put up with, at least you don't live hear. ( It gets tiring, those 2).l.o.l no I love both off them a lot.


Anna Louise Goldman said...
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