Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saturday, Heather came over to help me scalp the front yard.

She was doing the creek, and came out to see all the stuff she would have to carry out to the pile.
I think she was thinking, "I don't want to carry all of that, I might break a nail". Now, I don't think it was that bad!

What a drama queen!

Brandy did most of the work over here!


Ginger said...

What a good little helper she was. Thanks Heather..which you could have helped with the big tree limb too "Grin"...just kidding. Always fun to have you over.

Bob And Lindsay said...

Poor Heather!!! She probably did all that work for lunch at Costco.

twirlintam said...

She is the girl! We could use the logs for firewood here at our place Uncle John! Hint hint. I bet it was great having Heather over...not just for work but her funny little ways. Gee, I wish we could be there to help you... Cause you are so funny!!!
Now Uncle Bob, don't knock those Costco lunches! I would do a lot for one of those. All I wanted for Christmas was a Costco know why? For the free food and the hot dogs! YES! Picture with 8 kids waiting in line for the free food given at Costco! Yea, those little old ladies give me a few dirty looks when we come over for our share....takes the whole batch! Sorry Costco. HA Sick huh!
Love ya

John said...

That's it. Now I know what to do when we come up there. It would have been too expensive to take everyone out to eat, but now we will take every family out to Costco for hot dogs! No, no, you don't have to thank's the least I can do(for sure!)

Vickie said...

Cool helper Miss Heather Feather. Love you missy and Grandpa John sure has a great worker.